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3 Super Chic Short Hairstyles to Consider for Your Next Cut

Men may not always “get it,” but in our opinion, there’s something to be said about a woman who can pull off short hairstyles.

11 Of The Hottest Short Wavy Hairstyles Ever

Long haired girls don’t get to have all the fun! Here are 11 short wavy hairstyles that are truly riding the wave craze. They’re sexy, fun and free. These styles are low maintenance and perfect for hot summer nights.

20 of The Prettiest Short Hairstyles for Summer 2015

Summer is upon us! It’s time for ice cream, sundresses, sandals and short hair. Beat the heat this summer by changing up your look.

The Short of It: 5 Updos for Cropped Hair

When it comes to hair tutorials, the Internet is practically swimming in how-to’s for long haired mavens. And while we all love a long and flowing head o’ hair, there’s something to be said for the sassy short haired ladies who rock a cropped ‘do with some serious BAM factor!

The Best Emma Watson Short Hair Looks You’ll Ever See

When young Hermione, aka (Emma Watson), chopped off her hair a few years ago, she instantly oozed sophistication!

25 Totally Chic Short Bob Hairstyles for Every Woman

The classic bob is a timeless hairstyle that can be worn by everyone. With tons of modern and fresh takes on this haircut, you can customize the right bob to match your personality.

How to Style Short Hair Like a Pro

Short hair is so versatile when it comes to styling! Whether worn curly, wavy, straight, up, down, to the side, spiked, or smooth, there are tons of options for everyone on how to style short hair.

20 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

There’s a very simple way to make thick hair easier to deal with….cut it off! Chopping some of those luscious locks and keeping your mane short and sweet is often a great way to reduce styling time for those with thick hair. Check out these spectacular short hairstyles for thick hair and see which one works best for you!

30 Stylish and Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Most women over 40 say that they are way more confident than they were in their 30s. With that being said, your 40s is the best time to explore new hairstyles to express who you are! It’s no longer about the trends and definitely not about fitting in.

11 Totally Chic Short Hair Updos: Which One Suits You Best?

There are so many great ways to style short hair and here, we will arm you with an arsenal of short hair updos for those special occasions. Grab your bobby pins, hot tools and hairspray and get ready for some amazingly fun new styles that you’ll definitely want to add to your “I need to try this!” list!